Responsible for profiles since 1996

Ramplast is a landmark brand on the Romanian market in the field of PVC profile production.

Ramplast, the largest manufacturer of PVC profiles in Romania

Ramplast profiles are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable

Superior thermal and sound insulation

Misiunea RAMPLAST este sa ofere, in primul rand, calitate, la un pret corect.

  • Energy
    saving technologies
  • Superior sound
  • Superior
    thermal insulation
  • Anti-theft/High mechanical
  • 100% ecological profiles
  • German quality at Romanian price
Ramplast Today

Ramplast Today

According to a study carried out by Fereastra magazine, Ramplast is today the largest Romanian manufacturer of PVC profiles.

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Ramplast Begginings

Ramplast Begginings

1995: It is the year in which the investment that would transform Ramplast into a production center with advanced technology PVC profiles begins

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Sunt printre puținele profile de pe piață, care sunt testate privind comportamentul la foc și indeplinesc cerințele Hotărârii nr. 1061 din 30/10/2012 privind standardele de cost, aferente reabilitării termice a locuințelor din fonduri publice.

  • produs in Romania
  • rezistente la foc
  • montare usoara
  • multiple decoruri
  • 100% ecologic si reciclabil

Ramplast Products

Ramplast products and accesories are 100% environmentally friendly and have all the necessary approvals and certifications for the manufacture of competitive products on the European Union market. Ramplast profiles are certified by the prestigious Rosenheim Institute IFT (Germany) and can be delivered in various colors and textures, decoration films being provided by the world leaders in the field.

Ramplast profiles are among the few profiles on the market that are tested for reaction to fire and meet the requirements of Decision no. 1061 of 30.10.2012 regarding cost standards, related to the thermal rehabilitation of the housing from public funds. The tests were carried out in the construction physics laboratories of the IGH Institute, Croatia, an institute notified by the European Commission, thus guaranteeing that the joinery made with RAMPLAST profiles offers a high level of fire protection, over the specifications of the Romanian standards on construction security.

Below you can explore the profile options in our portfolio, as well as the extended range of colors from which you can choose your favorite tone.

Solid 500

Solid 500

Profil clasa A
Structura pentacamerala
Etanșare 2 rânduri de garnituri
Sistem hardware 13 mm

Valoare Uf 1,51 70%
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Solid 400

Solid 400

Etanșare 2 rânduri de garnituri
Rezistenta sporita
Structură tetracamerală 60 mm
Sistem hardware 13 mm

Valoare Uf 1,62 65%
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Un brand reper pe piata din Romania

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variata de culori

Profilele Ramplast se pot livra în diverse culori și texturi, foliile decor fiind furnizate de liderii mondiali în domeniu.

  • alb crem
    alb crem
  • albastru otel
    albastru otel
  • anegre auriu
    anegre auriu
  • bej
  • cires piemont
    cires piemont
  • gri antracit
    gri antracit
  • gri argintiu
    gri argintiu
  • mahon
  • maro inchis
    maro inchis
  • rosu rubin
    rosu rubin
  • stejar auriu
    stejar auriu
  • stejar inchis
    stejar inchis
  • stejar montana
    stejar montana
  • stejar argintiu
    stejar argintiu
  • verde

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